SUD OUEST newspaper, Friday 28 2002, local news of Sud Charente
HEADLINE: Art work underscored by British sensibility
STANDFIRST: Exhibition – Chateau hosts exhibition of British artist Oliver Bloom
Native Londoner Oliver Bloom, an alumni of Wimbledon Art College who went on to paint in the US, Australia and other far flung locations, tired of endless travel, has decided to settle down in Pirouat a Saint-Avis, near Chalais in south-west France. A private view of his work at the chateau de Chalais was attended by a large section of the local expat British community, where on Friday evening, a cacophony of English, Welsh and Scottish accents echoed around the exhibition space.
Works on show fall into three broad categories. Svelte, feminine silhouettes – clearly inspired by Mrs Bloom – set in rural, agricultural landscapes, dominated by hues of green; extremely precise and detailed cinemascopic street scenes, inspired by the artist's wanderings, mostly in reds and orange; and lastly, smaller watercolour pieces with bold lines depicting views of Chalais that you wouldn't see on any postcard.
The exhibition will run daily until 6 July, 10am to 6pm, except Sundays. Take the time to go up to the chateau to check it out – you won't be disappointed.